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you might be a ******* if?

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Lets hear or see some things you have done to your R that would get ppl to call you a red neck. lol

I will start.

You might be a ******* if you try to get a car horn to work on your R lol. Especialy if your R is an 04-05 and you gotta tap in to the low beam headlight for it to work!!

didnt work
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we put a CBR600rr horn n mccown450s 06 trx lol it works awesome
we put a CBR600rr horn n mccown450s 06 trx lol it works awesome[/b]

put duct tape on a stripped oil filter bolt just to drive it! my stupid brother i just found out.
this is gonna get good.

how about posting the ******* stuff we see on other bikes

that probably wouldnt work to well.
Would loctiting a thread-stripped bolt be *******?
I saw a ******* turbocharged Briggs and stratton motor lawnmower at sand lake with ten paddle haulers doing wheelies.

Well It wasnt done to my R, but ill share.

How about something done to a Radio Flyer Wagon? a buddy and i did this...

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kkinda getting off base with the lawn tractor and such,

isn't it supposed to be about ur own personal quad?

im a ******* for taping my damn hood from falling off everytime I take it for a ride..

and yeah we should post about other peoples ******* "quad " issues...blast away sanshots..
Here is a picture of a rail my dad made a few years back. It was called the "Ridiculous Rail." It had a super short wheelbase. It was practically square. It was meant for just wheelies basically. It had a wheelie bar on the back.. It was a front tire off of a old three wheeler. Notice the crash dummy mask!!

And only if I had a picture of my dads friends rig. He named it "The Contraption." It was a three wheeler rear end with a custom front end with 2 tires. It was extended pretty long... Probably a foot and a half. On the front in between the tires was a Lazy Boy recliner. It had cup holders and everything. Once the chair got trashed it got a blue tarp seat cover :thumbup: If that isn't screaming *******, I'm not sure what would. This thing is so much fun to ride around on the front! I'll have to make some phone calls to see if I can round up some pictures of it!
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K lets make this in to anything YOU have witnessed that is *******. not somthing you seen on the net or in an email. you had to of seen it with your own eyes. Unless it is somthing friggin hilarious!!
Didnt you^^^ Have a 400ex yoshi chopped silencer on a stock headpipe? Thats *******.

Sorry for disobeying the rules, but some of these are FUNNY.

My grandma sent me these too.


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lol this is going to be a good thread!
hmmm i once used my bike with no tires just Rims not my R a Bike when ur a kid
didnt mean to mess up the thread. but atleast make it something motorized dunesntrails....
as long as its ******* I gues we can let a few skip by. but try to keep it in the ******* zone. heck lets even hear some you might be a ******* jokes.

I use to know a bunch but cant think of em now. I will try to get a pic of my buds bike, most ******* thing yous will ever see.
When I was like 15 I had a 1986 200sx and didn't have any money to even fix my torn (bald) rear tire. I used the spare tire from my mom's ford escort (exact same bolt pattern)for like a week before I was able to buy a used tire to replace the torn one.... LOL

Now that I think of that old 200sx.... a lot of ******* memories are coming back... :_specialED:
... heck lets even hear some you might be a ******* jokes.[/b]

you might be a ******* if you can say....."Finaly got it jetted properly and hasent blow up in 2 tanks of gas!!!"
you might be a ******* if your frome ontario, want to buy a pipe in nova scotia, get connections with your bud in alberta to get the guy frome nova to drive it to newbrunswick, give it to his brother in law, send a paypal to alberta which will go to newbrunswick, then a shipping paypal from ontarion to newbrunswick to then send it to ontario, all becaus the seller does not have paypal. LMAO
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