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Whrere were you ???

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I'll start.. Hosting a career fair at my college, I was also still in the Army National Guard, and they put us on alert within 12 hours.
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I'll start.. Hosting a career fair at my college, I was also still in the Army National Guard, and they put us on alert within 12 hours.[/b]
driving on my way to work and caught it on the radio.......felt so surreal, ended up in the recruiters office later that day
I was walking into class my freshman year in college. They shut the school down to watch.
Sitting in German II...10th grade high school.
I was in 8th grade.... I remember my dad coming into my room and telling me that an airplane had flown into one of the trade center buildings. I didn't really know what was going on at the time. We basically watched the news the whole day at school.
i was riding the bus on my way to school. our school didn't shut down, but we didn't do anything that day...
At work, once the DJ's were like "You have to drop what you are doing and get to a TV!!" I was interested but then the 2nd plane hit and they went APE$hit!!! I punched out, drove home and packed my seabag............

Then I waited for 2 years and said F-this. Got out of the Marines and never looked back. Anyone in the military can probably relate, but we were prepared to do whatever it took to seriously wreck $hit. I was very pissed that we didn't get the call and I lost all motivation. It really changed my perspective of our country and government.

I love my country and I would have died for it and I have had many friends do just that but the buerocratic BS that goes on makes me sick.

This election is a perfect example. It's historic in many ways but there are no mentions of the issues that are ruining our country, they only care who has balls or makeup or how much experience somone has. Shoot, I have 20 years less experience than people I work with and I do a hell of a lot better job than they do!!

Rant over....
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i was working in the plant pathology lab when i was in university. we had a small tv in there and i remember seeing the second plane fly into the building live. i just remember thinking "is this really happening?????" it was kinda of a surreal feeling. hard to believe that was 7 years ago. god bless all the families and people who were so tragically affected by 9-11. hopefully, one day we will get bin laden or at least get a confirmed kill. i kinda think he is dead.
I was in Junior High, All the teachers wre watching the T.V. so then we all realized what had happen.
i was 2 miles away from it in art class :( when i went outside there was peices of papers flying around and the cars were all ashy... 9/11 :(
i was at work. iwent home right away. the unedited broadcast was crazy
i was in 7th grade. no one knew what was going on except the teachers. i didnt find out until around 12 when my us history teacher told us about it. i will never forget that day. :angry: EVER!!!!!
2nd hour of 7th grade getting ready to go out for phy. ed. but then the news came in and everyone just swarmed to each and every TV in the school.
I was getting ready for Calculus class in college. Ended up going and the teacher had us write what we were feeling. Well I didnt know what was really going on, because I hadnt heard about anything, so I scribbled a few sentances down and left. Went back to my dorm room and watched the rest on tv pretty much all day. We did the same thing in my Comp class later that day.
I was home from work that day, I was sellign boats and had Tuesdays off.
I was watching CNN before it happened and saw the whole thing.
Weirdest and saddest day of my life.
It was my freshman year of high school. I had just walked in to vo-ag class when my teacher/long time family friend said "set down here and watch this boys, somehow a plane just hit the WTC". School never shut down but all we done all day was watch the news
i was in elementary school still. all i remember is that the teaches couldnt tell us and i found out about it when i got home from school
I was on predeployment leave in the Marines. I going out for a Medfloat for the next 6months. I got up that morning and was eating breakfast when it happened. I call my CO to see what if we were deploying early. He said stand by for early deployment. We left the next morning for parts unknown. By November we were on the ground.

In school. They wouldnt let us watch it on TV. Not usre why.
I had just gotten up to get ready for school(was in college) when the second plane hit. Went on to school ,but that was really all that anyone did that day was watch the coverage of that. Just hard to sink in. I watched it and watched it but just never could let it sink in and still seems just unreal to me.
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