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1fast450r, if you want the best of both worlds. Then get the holeshots (XCR's).
I had allot of different tires. I have the Maxxis razor 2's but they are taller than stock, so it will make your bike higher which is bad for track. The XCR's are basically the same height as your stock tires and will alow you to slide better on the track. Also, the XCR's are 6ply so it would be perfect for the woods.
Like I told Zack, The perfect setup is to have two sets of tires and rims. One for track and the other for woods(trail riding). I understand about money. So do yourself a favor and get the XCR's until you can afford to get both. For the woods, I personaly like the Razor's better, but I feel the XCR's would be better for all alround riding. Track or woods.
For fronts 22/7/10 For back 20/11/9 Good Luck! :D
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