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Where to start?

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Hi to all, i am new here and new to the world of quads. I just bought a trx450 today for my girlfriend and myself and have a few true NEWBIE questions.

First, can someone point me in the direction of a few GREAT post to read on where to start with these machines, a "how to" post or something to help with begining maintainence(?).

Also, are there any "Have to have" aftermarket parts that I should get right off or should I wait until I have more experience?

I know you guy around here know your Sh?? so please dont look down on this newbie :)
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I would like to be the first to welcome you to our site. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

First off, what kind of riding are you gonna be doing? That will give us a good direction to send you in!!

Maintenance? If you dont know something go ahead and do a search and if you cant find anything, post a thread. Nobody here will bash you, we are a bunch of good people.

yea like what kind of riding are you going to be doing, hwat expirence do you have (not to bash), what are the approx. weights that will be riding the bike, etc. hope u enjay this site as much as I do, and I haven't noticed any bad apples on here that just oocome to bash, so have fun and bring lots of posts, we need it here it's pretty dead. at like noon today I was the only person checking the posts. it stunk.
-peace bro
This is one of the best places to start for a newbie maintenance Here you will find a lot of useful info since your new to the game. One more thing, make sure you break it in properly. It will run better longer if you do.
Thanks for all of the quick reply's!

The kind of riding I will be doing is trails (im in Vegas) and sand, areas around here and up in Utah, going to Jerico for memorial.

Experience, I have an '03 crf450 and have had alot of bikes all through growing up but have had very little time on a quad.

Its all a learning experience for me!!
thanks guys!
congrads, and careful this bike is a handfull if you dont normally ride a quad, get good at it before you try to ride me. :D
congrads, and careful this bike is a handfull if you dont normally ride a quad, get good at it before you try to ride me.


Maybe someone could help me out here, if not I will post a thread. I am 6'1 240 and need to know what I should do with setting up the suspension??????
there is a suspention there on here, it will be easy for you to find. since you ride trails, i would recamend getting a 13t front sproket ( same as crf ) to help with the tall first gear. the first thing i would do is get a new exaust, slip on or full system, you will like either. i would go with HMF, they make the best all around pipe, and they have the best costomer service of any business in the industry. if you still need more power, i would go with a sparks cam,
welcome to the site(im new to) I know some little things that can be pretty damn important as far as maintence can go.. When ever you start the bike PLEASE do not give it any throttle while kicking it over. You will ruin your new bike!

As for mods the best thing you can possibly do is get some suspention and a-arms depending on what type of riding your doing (LONG TRAVEL!!!!!! SHOCKS!!!!) and rear shock.. In my opinion I think the best INVESTMENT on ANY quad is SUSPENTION with either these companies (TCS,PEP,AXIS,ELKA) Those shocks are the top best 4 shocks for possibly any quad.. Oh yeah Tires and rims depending what your riding to B)
Hey Torn I'm 6'6" 275 lbs but probably the best thing to do is get a screwdriver and find the roughest, tore up terrain you ride on and while riding hard adjust your settings after each run till you get them dialed in to your liking. Then write these settings down and then do some runs at slower cruising speeds and tune until it feels comfortable and write those down. This way you don't have to mess with your shocks all day based on the king of riding your doing because you already have the comfortable setting written down.

Everyones style is different so I'm not going to waste yours and my time telling you what my settings are because they surely will not best best for you.
Newjack thanks for the suspension advice and yes, I saw the post with the broken gear box and was glad I saw it, I had been giving my crf450 alot of throttle and now know better & wont make the mistake on my new xrt.

Lukester, good advice, I am suck a newbie that I didnt even know that it was that easy to adjust the suspension. I am definatly working my way up from the bottom!
No problem Torn! Good luck!
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