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When Friends Let Friends Drill When Stupid!!!???

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Figured I'd share this with you all!
First couple pages are pretty normal then the beatings begin!!!
I know none of you will lay in to him either! :post-696-1105671135:

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wow.... some people just should not work on a bike....
what you guys have never heard of the zx ecu mod? :_specialED:

its supposed to be sweet
thats some pretty funny chit right there. Its all over the world!
everyone is just plain relentless on this guy! I feel bad for him... Wait, no I don't!
wow, every forum on the planet is jumping on
:clap: Lets give that guy a round of applause :clap:

He should be added to the Mechanics Most Wanted list.
I bet that guy feels like a$$. so freaking priceless. i like when they say that he should be nominated for a darwin award :2guns:
Who f-ed it up and posted the wrong URL for this forum? Besides that its funny as hell.
what you guys have never heard of the zx ecu mod? :_specialED:

its supposed to be sweet[/b]

Hell ya, it's the same as out green wire mod.....only COMPLETELY different

What a tool. I like the comment, "return your keys and bike to the dealership and tell them you are too stupid to own a bike"

its bad enough that he drilled through it but then to do it a couple more times?

power tools should be removed from this guys house.
I came to the conclusion that if it were my friend that did that, i would have to drill a few holes in his head.
yeah it is funny as hell that he drilled through it...but WTF that ECU had like 10 or 12 holes in it? i guess one hole wasn't good enough for him
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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