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whats your favorite TOOL song?

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my are prison sex , crawl away , schism, and sober
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schism vicarious sober
Schism, and Jambi
Probably Lateralus, Right In Two, Vicarious
definetley THE POT.
Oh yea The Pot is awesome! I will have to say it is one of the best.
bro im drinkin no smoke lol
Way too many... But I'd have to say Jambi or Vicarious... Or Schism.
hard to narrow it down....

sober, stinkfist , eulogy , forty six and two , right in two from the newer one, and a few i cant remember the name of..

it my be eulogy for me...
Aenema, Stinkfist, all of them.
Pot, Jambi, Vicarious, and basically any thing off of 10,00 Days, Enima, Lateralus, or Undertow.
That's a toughy....

sober, stinkfist, aenima, jerk off, the pot, vicarious, hooker with a penis
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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