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What to change?

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I have an 05 450r with 13.1:piston, venom P&P head with +1 exhaust, hrc header, hmf pipe, HCII cam, 185 main jet, K&N no lid, Dyna non programmable cdi. I am just trying to squeeze some more power in my quad in mid to top end. Is there a big differance in going to a better cdi? maybe vortex or programmable dyna? I have never moved my clip in my carb but this is just low end power from what i understand (could be wrong) but it has great low end power now.
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Stick with the CDI and switch out the Cam for a stage 3 or swap out the pipe for a more top end pipe like dasa, rossier, rage and such. Or bust the money on a bored FCR carb. Probably 42mm or bigger.

Try a stage 3 cam and a bored fcr
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