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What size front tires should I use??

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Hey I was wondering what size front tire everyone out there was running. I ride mostly XC type riding, with some sand. I have read that the stockers are the reason for such poor turning radius, which is really annoying. I just purchased the Holeshot XCR 21x7x10 for the fronts and was wondering what everyone thought.
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Those tires should be fine, as long as there are no huge rocks or ruts to bottom out on. Also for more turning radius, cut the stops back on the steering stem at the bottom. that will give you more turning radius, but don't cut them back too far because your tires will hit the a-arms and might cause you to flip.
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I went riding this weekend using the new front tires. The place I went riding at was in PA and is rock infested!!! Anyhow I noticed that it was quite a bit more harsh riding with the 21 inch fronts vs. the stock 22's. It was alot more plush when I rode there a couple weeks ago with the 22's. I did notice that 21's were much easier to turn around with. I like the way they handle and the way they make the quad turn, but i didn't like them over real rocky terrain. If I went with 22's would I still get the same great turning radius that i did with the new 21's, or would I loose the turning radius, but get a plusher ride.

What are the pros and cons of 22's vs 21's
You typically won't get as good of a ride with bias ply aftermarket tires - but a set of 22's will likely help.

You may find reducing the pressure in your holeshots restores some of your ride quality -- you can get away with less pressure in an aftermarket tire than you can stock, but be careful, if you run too little pressure you'll increase your likelihood of flats, it's a balancing act.

If you're coming off a 400EX, the 450R definitely won't have as good of a turning radius. About your only choice is going to be shaving some off the stops like the other poster mentioned, but just as he cautioned, make sure you don't take so much off as to allow the wheel to hit the control arm at full turn (check it at various conrol arm positions throughout the travel, if I remember correctly, full extension is where it's most likely to have a problem).

Personally I run 22" RAZR2's on my XC quad, if you want steering precision, they are hard to beat --- in many cases they almost have too much bite and can have a difficult to steer feeling in real tacky conditions.
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I am wondering why you went to a 21" tire for woods?

I have 23" Holeshots in the front and 23" in the rear. It gives alot of ground clearance. Turning radius...well that leaves a little to be desired.

I am in PA also.
^_^ I have run 21's fronts on my other sport quads with very little problem. I do not have too much of a problem with ground clearance as I did with tighter turning radiuses. I like everything about the 21's, except i did feel a the rocks a bit more. But I also did have a bit more PSI in the these tires, than I did in my Stockers. I do not feel its necessary, now that I have put the 21's on to shave the tabs anymore, as my turning radius has improved dramatically!! I'm goin lessen the psi to a little less than 4 and see if it improves a bit, if not then I will lower my compression to a bit softer on the shocks, and see if it compensates.
I go with Honda's set up! Most company's run 21 front and 20 back. But Honda runs 22 front and 20 in the back. I feel they did that for a reason. So, in my opinion, you should stay with what Honda did. For woods, I would run 22 front and 20 back. For track I would run 20 front and 18 back to give the two sizes bigger like Honda intended! B)
The reason you are getting a plusher ride on front is because 22" tires dont travel as fast as 21" so you don't get alot bumpiness that you do on the 21" tires...this can even be seen on the Razr vs. Holeshot.

Your 21" tires will handle better than the 22" tho (turning radius wise)
well I have learned more in this topic then I would have ever tho[ught about in life. thanks guys alot. this site really helps people out more then one would think.
sethg, I'm sorry to argue, but the size of the tire has nothing to do with travel. Travel is strickly on your shocks. The shocks determined how much travel you will have(That is wheel travel). Now if you get aftermarket a-arms then the way the aftermarket a-arms are set up will determined the travel of your shocks! B)
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