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well i just got the phone call today and my bottom end if fried. most of my tranny is done for and my cank and bearnings are about gone. im more relieved and blow away than pissed off. i really expected them to find nothing and tell me i was crazy, so its good to know im not. \

first i need new tranny gears, so i would like to know if anyone knows where to get a stronger tranny.
second i already have a bored cylinder so im not positive if i want a stroker crank yet, so my question is which stoker should i look at and if i dont what other aftermarket stock stroke cranks should i look at ( i figure some sort of lighter quicker revving one)

and anything else anyone can think of that i didnt menchion

p.s. i understand that if i go with the stroker there will be lots of extra work after that im just trying to get a direction to go
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