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Does anyone know wat mods will void my warranty ?
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First of all there isn't much of a warranty on an R, second, anything you do yourself voids the warranty if they suspect that it caused the malfunction. If you are wanting to mod it and are seriously worried about the warranty then I would suggest you talk with your dealer. Let them do the work. But I will add one last thing, it costs way less to do it yourself and Honda has an Outstanding reputation for durability as long as you break it in right.
I dunno why u say there isnt much of a warranty, i can get it extended up to 5 years for about 1000 $, candian. I plan to do so, and then get the most add ons i can without the warranty then ill be happy at that.
That equates to 2.50 US, just messin with ya Ryan. The warranty is pretty good. I have the pit program for 1099.99. It is in my payments, but it also puts all maintenance in their court. If you have a hi-frequency of oil changes you will eventually pay for the filter. Initially I put two tanks through it then first change. Now i take it in every 6 weeks. I ride about every other week. Give or take.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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