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VP racing gas cans

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I just got one of the round VP racing gas cans with the filler hose. well I managed to get that red thing out, aand got the gose in and tightened it Very tight. Do I got to leave that hose on to go fill the can up evry time? its kinda akwarde. and its a pain in the ass to use a whrench to unscrew the hose and then a chizle to put the red thing back in the hole. to mutch of a wast of time.

Any thaughts on these?
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how much you paid for the vp stuff and what kind?
if your talkin about the big VP can, with the white unscrew top.... you do just that unscrew the big white top to fill the can up. im sorry i guess im tryin to picture what your talkin about. When i get my cans, the white top usually has a plug in the top, so you have to get the piece that screws into the top so you can put the hose on it. Then youjust unscrew the top. I hope this helped.... cause im really not sure what your talking about.... or maybe im the retard..........?

Im just talking about transportation, its ockward havong the big filler hose on the big cap all the time. I just thaught there was a trick to it or somthing??

Its a Orange 5 gallon round vp racing can. I payed 24 bucks for it. and the filler hose came free. Prlaundry, I can pick you one up if you want the tent sale that I got it at finishes on sunday. Royal distributing.

And my cap is black, had a red plug in where the filer hose is, took that out, now there is an extra 13'' on top of this high can, makes it weirs to trasport around. thaught there was a faster way then taking a whrench to take tha pipe off and then a chizle to put the plug back in only to transport it around.?

If this makes any sence.

the original red cans are alot easier to store, becaus the filler ose goes inside when storing.
Most just leave the hose on, but I guess you could get another "big cap" and not put a hose on that one and use it for transportation. You would still have to bring along your other lid with the hose though so not sure how convenient it would be.
I thought that VP stuff was way more expensive.

you should be fine just running 91 with your build.
OH!!!!! my bad i gotcha now...... ya i just run it with the hose on it all the time. I use a little plug for the hose. I also only put enough fuel it for that day so im not mixing old gas with new gas.....LOL sorry for the cofusion....... its been a long night.

The hose should come with a cap so just make sure it's capped off and leave the hose on.
I thought that VP stuff was way more expensive.

you should be fine just running 91 with your build.[/b]

hes talking about the gas can containers not the gas.

i have 3 vp cans and have a fill hose on only 1 of them. i put the hose on the one im using to refilll the bike.
^^^ x2
but i only have 2
I do what Jebbin suggested.

I just use a regular cap for transportation and storage, and leave the fill hose attached to a seperate cap.
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