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Tshirt and/or Sticker design

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hey guys um....
try to see if you can come up with a design for a tshirt or sticker for the raffle deal
um post your ideas here i guess

im not sure if this will actually happen
talk to schmitt bout it for answers

i just wanna see some cool designs..
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i also would like to see some cool designs. I think it would be cool making stickers and shirts with designs made by members.
I dont have a licensed logo yet. I called honda and they told it was fine to have this name. The only thing registered is my domain name.
I would appreciate if you did something like that for the site. You would be greatly prized for it, held up above others and all that good stuff.

well anyways

That is awesome man! My vote goes for that one! I don't think anyone is gonna beat that! :D B)
Is there anyway we get out member names on the back of the shirts.
Ya know I have to have SCHMITTHEAD across the back of mine.
Originally posted by RRideRR@May 12 2004, 07:35 PM
Ok Guys,

I took your suggestions and came up with this!

The top logo can be resized for either the front or the back of a shirt.

The bottom part is for a sleeve print on long sleeves.

Thoughts, anyone.
good job man...thats awsome...I think the flames on the sleeves is a good idea.
Originally posted by desert_450r@May 15 2004, 01:50 AM
I like that one the best.

or another slightly modified

Git R Dun on a Honda
this one is pretty cool. We could use some of these on our next shirt design.
TRX450R -- Out with the Old, In with the New

A Legend is Born...AGAIN

I never said these were good, just trying my best! ^_^ The second one is all one slogan, just the TRX part is centered underneath...
Originally posted by desert_450r@May 17 2004, 05:04 PM
I have a good one ...

Have a TRX roosting a Y - - - - - -  Y - - and have the rider putting his hands up to block the roost from the TRX and like turning his head ... Then under the pic put:

                  GOT GOGGLES ?

I like that one desert! Either got goggles or maybe got roost?

Another idea is..."Invest in a 450R or invest in a roost deflector"
"The R" roosting the competition since 1986

Ass whoopin on wheels "The New R"

"The New R" made by champions to be a champion.

A blue quad? Oh yea, he didn't make the podium.

All good things come to any end (pic of 250r) its a good thing history repeats itself. (Pic of 450r)

Caution! This machine not intended for 2nd place

Caution! Keep a safe distance back to be spared of certain humilition.

"The R" In it to win it since 1986

Do you guys like any of these? It took me like 15 minutes to think these up but I can make plenty more.
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Originally posted by lukester720@May 17 2004, 09:31 PM
All good things come to any end (pic of 250r) its a good thing history repeats itself. (Pic of 450r)
I like that one lukester...the whole dynasty thing is what I like in the quotes, either that or just baggin on the YFZ just because it is a FRIENDLY competition :D
Originally posted by TrX450rKiD@May 17 2004, 05:09 PM
"Invest in a 450R or invest in a roost deflector"
I like that one pretty good.
I PM'ed you as well, will take one black short sleeve tee.
Sorry for not getting back with you, I will pm you with the info.
Always in the back
Get the ‘R’ and be in front of the pack

Roses are Red and Violets are blue
Here comes the "R" and it's coming for you! :lol:
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