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TRX450R Stage 2 Hotcam & FCR39mm carb

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TRX450R spec's

Stage 2 Hotcam
Lift: 10.1mm
Lobe Center: 109.75
Duration @ 1mm: 248
Valve Lash: .15mm

Lift: 8.7mm
Lobe Center: 105.5
Duration @ 1mm: 268.5
Valve Lash: .28mm

CRF39mm Keihin Carb with Hotstart and TPS
Main Jet - 160
Slow Jet - 45
Needle - OCEMR#3
Mixture Screw - 1
Main air jet - 200
Slow air jet - 100

I also ran a Pro Circiut pipe Titanium slip-on With no air box lid and a UNI filter!!
There it is, enjoy and I hope your bike runs as well as mine!!!!! good luck!!!!
Honda Forever!!!
:D :lol:
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:D pimp tight :D
Originally posted by fast@May 13 2004, 03:24 PM
they mean your 450 will go very fast
Sounds good to me! :D B)
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