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TRX450R in France

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I am a french retired man living in the center of France near Lyons.
I try to help a friend who races a quad and purchased a Honda TRX450 R motor which has to be rebuilt
So I have new parts (crankcase, cylinder, piston, bearings) and I am trying to convert all these pieces in a unique one. I came to this forum to get some advice if I encounter troubles doing the job.
I will also be interested in the different topics of the forum to see the experience of other members
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Welcome, I love that France has such a good Quad scene. Every year I try to watch the Enduropale du Touquet in February on YouTube it it is one of my Big 5 races that I try to watch every year. The other 4 being 24 hours of Le Mans, 24 hours of Daytona, KOH (King of Hammers) and the Baja 1000. You come to the right place on your quest for knowledge; there is a huge amount of it stored here.
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Bienvenue. Its a good thing having a common interest with people around the world. If possible send pics of France’s beautiful country side where you ride. Would love to see it. Good luck on your build, hope to see the progress.
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Welcome! Hope the rebuild goes well for you, let us know if you have any questions.
It's a pleasure to see that you can find people with the same interest as yours all round the world !
I made progress with the disassembly of the quad motor. I made a list of parts to be changed but before ordering I need to see with the owner what he can afford !!!
Parts are expensive in Europe.
I join to my message (especially for Bullvine rider) 2 pics from my last ride in the Cevennes cliff road (one hundred miles south of Lyons) which I did with my son. The bikes are Suzuki Bandit 1200 and 600.
We have now a BMW nine-T and a Triumph street triple 675. Sky Plant Flower Plant community Mountain
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Sky Mountain Plant Bedrock Slope
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WOW! Alls i can say is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your ride with us. I hope to take my daughter to Europe one day. To show her the history and beauty of it. My parents were immigrants and I am first generation American. My mother is from Poland and my father from Greece. Talk about being on both ends of the spectrum lol.
we actually still own land in both Poland and Greece, So I would love to show my daughter Easter & western Europe and also the Mediterranean. Both her Heritage. So thanks again for showing the scenery. The Swiss Alps are at the top of my list.
When I take a trip into the north east mountains of the appellations I will take pics and share them with you as well.
I can only imagine what you’re paying for parts out there. Tell your friend to spare no expense 😂. He will be happy in the end because you get what you pay for. Thank you sir!
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