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TRX450r 4X4

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:D did you guys see it on this months Dirt Wheels?
No its not real, but I think it should be. That would be one bad arse 4x4 :D
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it would definitly be cool, but I would prefer it if they stuck with reality, and quit wasting magazine space on a completely fictional quad
I think that dirtwheels shoud stop picking on the honda guys and getting our hopes up
last year the trx650 turbo and this year the 4x4 450r
then need to mess with yamaha guys hopes
They did get me last year on the 650. I realized it was their april fools joke this time. It would be a bad ass quad if they was to make one. But what would we do with it besides going thru mudholes? Could put racks on it and run it in the utility class!
you wouldnt have any compitition if you entered it in a utility clas. :D
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