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Making HP ain’t free. . .
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The question is, what do you think it needs to do better? If you’re not riding it to its limits right now, then you don’t need to do anything.

Im not sure what your maintenance schedule is, but maybe take a look at all the bearings, chain, wear items and see if anything needs to be replaced or fixed. Make sure your valves are adjusted and your carb is clean.

Then take a look at what you feel your quad needs to do better. Is the suspension set up properly? If not have your shocks gone over. Is the power usable where you need it! Maybe try regearing.

Then maybe take a look at power. If your only 130 pounds you should be doing pretty good in that department lol! If you feel you need more maybe look at redoing the top end with a fresh higher compression piston, cam, and have the head gone over with a valve job and maybe porting. That right there would really wake up the power.
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