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trx motor build

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well im goin to build my 06' trx450 motor soon so tell me wat u guys think. dasa or fuel customs intake,dasa pipe,+3 mil hotrod stroker kit,+4 mil cp big bore 486cc 13:1,total of 507cc,wppracing ported head,+2 ti valves,web mysto cam and a good ignition. have u guys heard of a vortech? or vertex something. wat vavles do u guys think? i dont know if kibblewhite makes ti's that big. maybe atp or sparks. it will mainly be a drag/dune quad.
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Sounds awsome!
But speaking from experience.......................
Send the crank out to have it balanced to your piston combo.
I REALLY REALLY regret not having mine balanced.
I've heard murmurs of some pretty out of balance +3's.
Also-save the money and run the stock '06 CDI with the green wire mod.
Also check CV-4 or Fluidyne or whatever it is.

looks pretty stout, except for the kibblewhite valves.

a very respectible builder has had bad luck with them, and after seeing his feedback and others, i wont run em..

i have ferrea valves in mine.

make plans for clutch mods also.
I realy like the way my bikes run with vortex ignitions i wouldn't ride one of my mx bikes with out one
I have an 06 doing the Dasa big Bore and boring carb, Rage porting, Sparks pipe, stock intake tube with Pro Desgin pro flow kit and I was told I would be in 65+.. that will work for me and not even have to go in the bottum end.
i've had great luck with kibble white +1 valves.i think they go up to +3
ok thanks guys good info. i have an ltr450 rite now that i will be selling soon. cp big bore 473cc 12:5;1. dasa porting,+1 kbs,web springs, web cam special dasa grind,dasa pipe,fuel atv intake,yosh pim+fimak, and it put down 57.57 whp. who does the balancing? atp,dasa,wppracing? copper berylluim valve seats? worth it
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