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Trans Oil Leaking

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I have transmission oil leak. It's not from oil bolts, not from crankcase cover, not from clutch cover. What are the other places oil could come from? I have a pretty good oile in the morning. Oh, I checked overflow nut, none comes out. I'd give you a picture, but my picture show what turned out to be the lowest point of the drip. anyone ever cover the engine with like a powder or something so they could trace it?
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Countershaft seal or tranny overflow. Countershaft seal seems most likely. (the seal behind the front sprocket)

If this is the case, its an easy fix. About 10 bucks from service honda. You will need to replace the seal and most likely the collar, too.

OIL SEAL (31X40X7)

I had the same problem on my 06. These parts were all that was needed to fix it. Just pull off the front sprocket and pull the old seal and collar out with some needle nose pliers of flat head screw driver. Put the new ones in and put it back together. Pretty straight forward.

Obviously, check to make sure that seal is the one that is leaking. (It will be pretty obvious once the front sprocket it removed)
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Thanks guys!!!! It does seem like the only wet area the. the rest seems nice and dry. I'll check it out.
Could also be the shifter seal under the countershaft. I have had that trouble before.

If it is the countershaft, there is also a little rubber ring that goes on there.
It turns out, that after I toke the shift lever off, the seal had slipped off, is there suppose to be a collar holding this on?
Nope, it just slides on, I put a new one in mine and then slide the old one up to help hold it, just my method though.
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