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TM dseignworks chain guide

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i recently revalved my rear shock and got a new GT thunder link as well.
installed everything back but the stock skid plate.

and every now and then my chain has poped out of the sprocket

I am pretty sure this has to do with the fact that i had not been running my stock skid plate, combined with the fact that my stock chain guide broke.

So now I am in the market for a new chain guide, and from what i`ve read, the TM unit is a good one.

my only question is if will it fit if i install back the stock skid plate.
I read somwehere else that they dont fit together. is this true?

and on the same there an easy way of placing back the chain if it pops out?
this has happened to me in the middle of the desert, miles away from anything, and you know that is no fun at all
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No it doesn't fit with the stock skid plate.
that TM guide will not fit. even without a guide if your chain popped out its too loose.
adjust it back to spec they do come loose after time.
Just a little insight on TM, There new chain guides are suppose to be warrantied not to break. A friend from a shop I goto bought 1 and well it broke, they gave him so much BS about it breaking they would not warranty it.
My friend has one and works great been on for a long time now but like sandshots said if your chain came off it is not the guide even if you have a bad one........Tighten that thing up to specs and you will be ok.
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