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What tires do you prefer?

  • Holeshot

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  • Razr

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  • Razr 2

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  • Klaw

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  • Knarly

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  • Turf Tamer

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  • Other

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Tire choice?

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I LOVE the Razr 2's, I am gettin them either this summer, or for X-mas if I can't afford them after buying the R.....
i had the holeshots on my banshee and i didnt like them. i had the razr2 on the hipers i sold but never got to use them.
Anyone have the two's?? Wanna give a review?
im presently running holeshot xcr , mostly hardpack w/ some mud ...i like far
i like the holeshots, thats what i have always ran, and i see no reason to switch to razers, the R2 looks like they would not want to slide very well.
i run klaw xcr on my 450. i race cross country races and the have been holding up great. the set i just retired has about 300 to 400 miles on them. thier is still plenty of tread left on them all so, just not enough for me. another thing about the tires is the price. cheaper than razars and raged holeshots ( that like to leak around bead) my opinion best tire for the money.
no Shredders??
just as good as razrs just a lil cheaper
Once I buy new rubber, it will probably be some 20" Kenda Knarly's on ITP Baja rims.
...and on front will probably be 20" Klaws.
i had holeshots and never got the holeshot razr 2s' are the way to go
As comparied to my Stockers, Holeshot XCs, and Holeshot XCTs, i like the Razr2s best of them all.... SO FAR....... i got a lot more to go though.....
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Yo KillerQuad, could you post some pics of your 450, it sounds sic! What's the tire wear like comparing the Holeshots and the Razr2's?

I run razor2's. I think they are the best. I don't have any problem sliding around corners with them. On the hills where holeshots get stuck I just go on by. The razor2's are great for mud. And they last, I have 6+ GNCC races on them and they don't show much wear.
Yea i will try to get some pics up .... i dont have NE as of lately but i have some....

The Razrs have MUCH better tread life than the Holeshots.... HARDer compound...
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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