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Throttle adjustment?

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I have heard about this a few times. How do I check to make sure my throttle is opening up enough. Also, what do you guys recommend for an air filter and where to buy? I just put the HRC kit in and I am looking to get rid of the stock air filter.
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it tells you in your owners manual, step by step how to adjust your throttle, you just want to make sure it closes all the way when you let off the throttle, and opens all the way when you full throttle. If it doesnt, then adjust the cable until it does. Mine was fine from factory, but I heard some others where not...READ YOUR for the Filter I recommend Sparks Racing Supercharger Kit. It works great on mine....go to www.
Both my 400EX and 450R's throttle cable had to be adjusted from the factory.

If you lightly press the thumb throttle, there should be a few millimeters of free play before the cable starts to pull. From the factory, the free play on both these quads was wayyy too much (almosta centimeter). Adjust the free play to proper spec, or your throttle will not be wide open at "full throttle."
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