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The real Hondas please stand up

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I think you are a little late look right under this they got a red section going
I sawthat after I posted... Day late and Dollar short.
I sawthat after I posted... Day late and Dollar short.[/b]
Hey see your beach pics I am on vacation from las Vegas
I am leaving Yachats in the morning for some dunes about 50miles south
I thnik these are the Oregan sand dunes did not bring My quad
I am on an extended trip. I will try getting a sand rail rental ?
I will see how your dunes are
I will miss my quad but I am on a 3 week trip tent camping and visting relatives and site seeing and stuff
would not load[/b]

i started that sometime last week, sorry!

i guess on a positive note great minds think alike!!

Holy Chit, This was way back in the day! Back when I though Polished rims were a MAJOR upgrade and the performance was removing the air box lid!

Then you start spending a little more money... Hipers, A-arms and revalves.

You start in the motor and of course the suspension isn't good enough any more either so you replace that again, new this and that and all sense of money goes out the window! Next thing you know you've got a full-on 15 to 20 thousand dollar quad... If you count the money you spent on parts that you upgraded multiple times because you didn't get what you really wanted, either because you couldn't afford it at that time or you just didn't do your homework to find out if it was the best or not. you can add another 3 to 5K to that. When are you done you ask? I found out that the only answer to that is when you sell it.

R.I.P. Ripper!!! (at least as my quad)
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