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taking off spindles

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the lower ball joint wont come off what can i do to night . need to do this tonight .my balljoint tool is to big and auto zone is not open .c clamp mfer dont work it to big
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i got mine off by gently tapping around the spindle. the vibrations knocked it free.
whack the spindle with a hammer on the bottom piece where the ball joint is. Don't hit the ball joint itself and don't slip and hit the threads.
thanks guys but now i got a beer buzzzz sitin around ruff week and im working on sunday so f it im getting hamerd lol tonight . hope i feel good at work ha
best thing to do is put down the hammer and wrenches, get smashed and figure it out later. or else you might get carried away and have to replace parts. hahahaha
i was wondering y this was here in the section instead of the suspension area but i guess the alcohol will do that to you
ha and pick up that ice cold bud light
if youre taking off your a arms cuz your going to install some aftermarket ones.
id say hit the a arm with a big hammer. thats if you dont need that arm anymore.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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