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Well i bought an elka shock and single link earlier this year and i dont seem too impressed with it. i am still running the stock swingarm and was wondering if a diferent swingarm would make a difference. What are some of the better and what do i look for, looking for a used one.
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was the shock valved for you and your typ of riding? A different swinger wont really change alot of the ride. But your shock should be revalved to the new swinger since it will add leverage to the shock. Your prolly best off by getting that shock reworked for you andthat elka link isnt the best.
swingarm wont reall affect the shock, it will make the shock softer if its longer tho

i wold send the shock to gt thunder and let laz take care of it for you
yep, send that elka to gtt and get his linkage, you'll be suprized.
if you mx i would imagine you would want a +1.25?

i run a +2 slc swingarm with elka. my rear shock was on the stiff side. i didnt revalve it when i got my swingarm but the +2 did make it softer. it made it softer but it was the adjustment i needed cuz now it rides awesome.

heres a shot.

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