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Alright I got some things for sale...

I have a 2002 Ride Timeless snowboard used 1 season. Payed around 500 for it. Asking $200 plus shipping.

I have a set of Maxxis 22" razr2's for the rear and 23" razrs for the front without any wheels. Used 2 times last fall 2 times this winter and once this spring. I paid around $260 for them. Asking $175 plus shipping.

I have a remote control car called the tempest. I bought it from radio shack 2 years ago for 200 bucks plus 20 for the battery and 50 for the charger. Used for one summer. Asking $100 for car battery and charger plus shipping.

I have the stock heel gaurds off of a KFX400 they are in perfect condition but are a little dirty, Have the brakets with them but no pegs. Asking $30 plus shipping

I have pictures of all these Items upon request.

Wheels do not go with the tires.

Shoot me a PM or get me on AIM: Lessthanjake7734
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