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Sparks mx cam

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I recently bought a head off of a forum member and he was selling a sparks mx cam for a lil extara so i went ahead and picked it up to....

what i was wandering,
I ride trails and race xc,
so is this cam gonna fit my riding style?

I also ordered a 13:1 wiseco
With that piston along with the cam....what kind of power gains can i be lookin for?
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it depends on how you ride, but it should be a perfect fit for xc and trails.

i was going to buy it and wish i would have.
i think you will like the cam it is super smooth we us it in one of the 06 race quads.. plus it hooks up great lots of bottom
alright, bottom end is what i was lookin for, i think im gonna drop a tooth on the front sprocket to.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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