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Sparks for Dasa

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checking interest!!! i have an 04-05 Curtis Sparks and i was wondering if anyone would what to trade for a Dasa
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i have a rage which is made by dasa, have any pics>?
i know the pipes the same but i was really wanting to stick with the dasa logo, i should have some pics up soon
you could always get a new dasa sticker

the flange that holds the canister on the back of it it says dasa
Rage is a better pipe. Dyno Proven. Why not get more performance and just slap on a dasa sticker? Best of both worlds.

i should also ask if yours is ceramic coated? thats what im lookin for
good luck getting a pipe from rage anytime soon...
i've been waiting for like 5 months...
dee should really get on it... :whistle:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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