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spark arrestor

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I've got an hrc jet kit on order, and i just got my sparks air filter today. It could be a couple of weeks before i get an exhaust (still have stock right now). I'm going to get an hrc end cap asap but until i can get it, will it help to remove the stock spark arrestor? I'm not going to run the bike till i get the jet kit because i cut off half of the air box lid too and i don't want to lean it out too much. The rest of the motor is stock.
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I would just to let it breath better.
well if you re-jet it yeah go ahead but be responsible and make sure your neaghbors wont get mad becouse it will make the bike louder and also if you have any state troopers that will give you a $5000 fine for not having a ufsa approved spark aresstor but i have never heard it happen beforee hope this helps
I'm not too worried about sound. I live in a small ******* town and straight pipes on trucks are very common. They decided to crack down a little while ago on sound, but they only issued citations at night i think. Anyways. I thought that instead of removing the spark arrestor, i would just take out the baffle for the time being, but the screws that hold the baffle to the spark arrestor have rusted and nearly mated to the spark arrestor. Every attempt i've made at getting them out hasn't worked. Anybody have this problem before? AND.. does anybody have an old spark arrestor laying around that they wouldn't mind getting rid of? There isn't any hope of getting mine out and still being able to put an hrc baffle in it.
pretty much all 450r of every year come lean from the factory for emissions reasons, removing the spark arrestor will lean it out a but more.

i wouldnt do it until u get a jet kit on there. thats just me, but sure alot of people have done it with no issues, but it would be much healthier for a richer AFR to do this.
Ok. I'm thinking right now i'm going to go ahead and jet it because i put the different air filter on it, and just leave the exhaust the same until i can get a full system because it shouldn't be that much longer hopefully.
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