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Wow someone was pretty stupid on that one. However, I would long as all your other Digits match with the Title you might be able to go to your local DMV or something and figure it. Talk to them and see what they might be able to do, I THINK (I could be wrong) you can get a VIN repair tab which is where you get a steel tag that the VIN is punched onto and that you can attach to the Quad... But I'm not 100% Sure.

Honestly I would think If they punch in the VIN on their Computers (same as the title has printed on it) and say for example it comes up as a (Black 2005 TRX450R) and you see on the quad frame up front on the left or right side you will see a white tag and if it's black plastics it will say

Color NH-1
Code NH1

Color R-299R
Code R299

What I do for all my quads is I have a File made for each Dirtbike and quad I own, The Title, A full picture of the bike, a Picture of the VIN, Factory stickers on it along with a Picture of the License plate and the Engine Serial numbers and all receipts or work, parts etc ever been done to it incase I were to ever sell it or if it ever got stolen.

Sorry for all the Nonsense if it was not helpful but I try to get as much Info out to people in need just in case.
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