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Sand Tires

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I came accross some Kenda Dune Hoppers brand new with ITP T9 rims that I gave 100 bucks for. Does anybody now how good these Kenda's hook up, or should I plan on getting some better ones?...I dont think 8 paddle will be enough for the 450r. ....any input will be nice...thanks
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My name is Kevin and i am just about to get a 450r on Thursday and I am in the market for a set of paddles. I pretty much have made up my mind that I am going to get the ITP Sand Stars on the C-series rims. Is there any suggestions anyone might have as far as what size i should run and where a good place would be to buy kits online?
Is there a noticable differance between a 21 and a 22 up front and likewise in the rear????
Any advice i could get before i end up dropping around $500 would be helpful!
That was Quick, thanks for all of that info!!!

Just wondering where a good place would be to purchase a kit from?

thanks again
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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