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Sand Lake Yesterday

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It was so nice there yesterday. The weather was awesome.

But anyways. I was very proud of myself, i beat a 478 YFZ with a plus 4 swinger and UL paddles, he said he had a crower and webb cams and it was all ported and everything. He was only about 160Lbs too.

I also beat a 723 raptor with a plus 6 swinger and UL paddles. He said all it had was the 723 kit. But he had a pipe and stuff.

Pretty good for a stock bore 05 with a Venom 12.25:1, HRC cam, HRC/HMF exhaust and ESR intake i thought.

I got SMOKED by a 503? YFZ. I was told it was a 503 not a 501, but whatever. Also got smoked by a bunch of drag banshees.

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crower and web? at the same time lol. or did he diffrent ones for the intake and exhaust?
Different Cams for the intake and exhaust. They are a DOHC motor.

.............sorry, wrong screename........
wait till you install the head bro!
I know man! Im freakin excited!! Any idea on a time frame?

LOL you posted under your wifes Account. Thats funny.
it should ship out early the week after the 11th...
Alright cool. Sounds great. Thanks

What do you think though? I got beat by some drag banshees and a BB/stroker YFZ.

I was pretty proud to beat a 480 YFZ and a BB Raptor 700. Also beat another raptor 700. Not sure what he was running.

There was also a mean streetbike powered banshee with a GSXR1000 in it. It had a Bottle strapped to the subframe and like 24" 16 paddle haulers.......BUT IT SUCKED!!!

I could annilate him off the line.....i think it was his lack of traction. But once he got up the hill he would get me by about half a bike length. This was a pretty short hill i raced him up.

Did you here about the bad sandrail accident on friday. I guess two rails crashed on the flats. two people died and three went to the hospital in pretty bad shape. thats what i read in our news paper.
Yeah. Terrible. I heard about it sat mornin at the sand lake store. Too many accidents happen there.

what did you here. the papers are hard to always believe.
I got to the store and the lady there asked me if i was around on friday night and heard what happened. I said no and she said the only thing she knew was there was two deaths and several were sent to the hospital. I know nothing about what they were on or where......oh she also told me it was at about 10:00 PM. I asked her if there has been a decrease in crashes since the 12am-6am closure and she said not at all.

So IDK what is going on there. Seems like a lot of people die there. One of my friends dads died on a night ride there at the bowl last year.

I have had to help the sheriff a couple of different times pull dead bodies up from down in the hangers. people get trashed and go out full bore and fly off the top of the tree shots. one guy the sheriff new by name because he gave him a dwi one weekend then impound his bike the next. that didnt stop the guy he just went and bought a new bike and rode it off the top of one of the tree shots hit a tree about half way down and broke his neck.
You have had to help him a FEW times???? I was not aware that this many people died there. I knew it was around 5 people a year but is it more??

Wow that is terrible... That is one reason why I hate the sandbox. Way too many crazies racing around riding over their head...

But sounds like you had a good trip and some fun drag racing. I don't want to sound like an ass but did those guys you were racing completely suck at drag racing? Because with your mods it seems that they should be destroying you fairly easily.

Anyways.... You should have came to Spinreel/Horsfall this weekend. I was there Thursday thru today... Just got home. There was not a single person at the drag strip.
how was the weather down there danny? wish i could have went.. i wonder when my pos is even going to run again lol.
how was the weather down there danny? wish i could have went.. i wonder when my pos is even going to run again lol.[/b]
Dude the weather was epic. Yesterday was over 80. There was not a cloud in the sky all weekend!! You've got until next year dune season to get it going. I'm not letting you miss the next one!
got to catch me first!

im really fast at running around the garage now while working on it.

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