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RUN/OFF switch question.

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Does anyone know what 2 wires connect or disconnect in the run/off switch on the left side of the handlebars. My 450 started doing this weird thing where it wouldn't start unless I toggled that switch as fast as I could while turning the motor over (won't start if it's simply in the run position while cranking it even if you just used the key to shut it off ) a little more information that might help you, help me, is if it's in run position and the key is on, it can be pull started or roll started without toggling it and fires immediately. Its not super critical and it always starts but if it way cold or hot, kinda a pain in the butt and maybe it will turn into a bigger problem, also my 450 sat in a garage for years, plural, without being started. I feel like maybe it has a weak ground somewhere?? But I HATE chasing wires so I thought maybe you guys could give me some suggestions on where that could be. Thanks for any help guys and gals if any.
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Those switch assemblies are pretty affordable for a new one. Even brand new OEM Honda ones can be found on ebay for under $50. I would start with that. The two wire harnesses simply plug in under the hood.

To answer your question though:
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