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does anyone know where to ride in new jersey for free?thank you for your info :D
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Hey if your interested in NJ riding go here join Jersey Devil ATV if you are interested in fighting for legal riding areas. thanks man
im a few months late on this post but there are a couple places to ride in nj. For starters, englishtown raceway park has their MX track open on sundays 30 bucks all day. But there are a few spots that I go riding (with or without local authority consent :lol: ) there's duhernal water system in old bridge, theres the monroe/cranbury gas pipeline that runs through east brunswick, north brunswick (which leads through farrington lake and a bunch of really beautiful patches of unattended park land), helmetta and spotswood (sounds like a lot but you can cover most of the trails in about 3 or 4 hours <_<. Aside from that, I heard there are a couple good spots in sayreville but the cops aren't too kind to "us folk" hehe.
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