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Here at we often get asked questions about rev boxes so here's some basic info on the subject ... Enjoy !

As of 8/25/04 there has very few people to receive a rev box for there 450r so this FAQ will be short and sweet until we get some units tested for ourselves!

Q: What is the purpose of a rev box?

A: The purpose of a rev box for the 450r as with other quads is to raise the rev limit.

Q: For what reasons would I need a rev box for the 450r?

A: There are a few reasons that one might seek out a rev box for the 450r, One reason would be that if you are running a HRC cam in your 450r you are not getting the most out of your cam because with the HRC cam the power is still building when it hits the rev limiter.

Another reason would be that if you are running a 13 tooth front sprocket or even 18 inch rear tires. The problem with this setup is that under certain race conditions it is very easy to hit the rev limiter in 2nd and 3rd gear. A rev box would help avoid this problem by raising the rev limit to give you a little more time to shift in all gears.

The last reason that comes to mind right now is if you are running a lightened flywheel. A lightened flywheel will let your quad rev out faster than it would with the stock flywheel increasing the chances of hitting the rev limiter.

Q: Whats the big deal about hitting the rev limiter?

A: When you are hitting the rev limiter the quad will begin to cut out and lose power until you fall back under the rev limit, this could cost you valuable time in a race. Not only that, others will laugh and point at you for not knowing when to shift your machine And say things like "You ride like a girl"! :lol:

Q: What is the stock rev limit on the 450r?

A: The stock rev limit is 9,800 RPM

Q: How much of a rev limit increase could I expect to see from a rev limiter?

A: From some of the more basic rev boxes you can expect to see an extra 1,000 RPM, companies like Sparks Racing has a ignition/flywheel kit that revs to 11,300 RPM while Vortex Ignitions (The same ignition Doug Eichner uses) revs to 11,500 RPM while also using 10 different ignition curves which can be changed on the fly.

Q: What are the advantages to using a rev box/ignition system with adjustable ignition curves in my 450r?

A: According to the information that we here at have gathered thus far the different settings provide a different ignition curve tailored to what type of riding you are doing. For instance lets say that you are heading to the mx track you would want to use your mx ignition setting, this setting is engineered to make sure that your quad performs to its maxium ability for that use by using an altered ignition curve. Also while using the handlebar mounted control switch you could switch to drag race mode to help pull the holeshot and then switch to mx mode for the rest of the race.

The full extent of these type of products can not be realized until we start receiving our own units for testing, thus the last info given about the ignition settings should only considered as nothing more than speculation until the testing of the product in question can be completed and the information can be deemed accurate. Stay tuned for more info reguarding Rev boxes, there should be some testing done on various models by the middle to end of september!
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