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red bud

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I will be at this years on Sunday. You going?
Cool video man B) OUCH! Did you see all those guys casin that double in the beginning? That has gotta hurt! Those guys just FLY on that course..I will never go that fast on a MX course
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at Red Bud you would, it is a very fast track. That double is the famous double double were the second one is up hill and then an imediate left. Last year I bet 100 guys wrecked or cased there. If you go to red bud any other time of the year but this time of year, it is not there. well, it's there but not that big. Awesome track, many of the pros choose it as their favorite.
Where is Red Bud?? That video is from back when the 250R's dominated the 90% of them are the old R...but we know what the true king is now :D
Awsome video!
it was from 2002 and the track is in michigan
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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