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Rear shock

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On my rear shock i have my rebound set all the way out. I am still encountering pretty fierce rebound when going over whoops and stuff like that. I was just wondering if anybody else is ahving this problem.
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Problem solved. I had the setting turned the wrong way.
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Did reducing the rebound fix it?
Schmitty how much do you weigh and where did you set it? I weigh 180 and would like to get good settings for whoops and big bumps and jumps. It is all trial and error but I would kind of like a basis to start.
well the way i first set it up it was like a bucking a bronco, and i thought i had the rebound adjusted all the way soft( i had it screwed all the out). well i started messing with it, and the more i screwed it in the better it got. before, i would be coming into a bump section right before a turn and the ass end would always buck and try to send me over the bars. well after adjusting it in i could pretty much sit my butt on the seat (lightly) throught the bump section, which is from what i hear is the way you want it. see if it works for you. i weigh 200 #'s

I will work on it. So are you in all the way? That's what she said! Clicks I mean.
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i believe i am about 3/4 turns i, i cant remember how many clicks.
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