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he guys lookin for some advice i got an 04, before my last race it had a slight ticking from the head, during the race th bike died on me (got crossed up two gears too high may have just stalled it) but it would not re-start. got towed off rollstarted it ran ok and i finished out my day. when i got home b4 i washed it i started it ran fine but it had a nasty rattle sound almost sounds like somethins loose or somthin broke and is now floatin around the motor :banghead: . so i cleaned it up and took it down adjusted the valves and now the tickings gone but the rattle is still there if you put your ear by the t-chain its noisy but i think its louder by the clutch cover

ive got a gncc nat comin up in two weeks so if i have to tear it apart i want to start now!!!

do you thing the timing chain has too much slack and throw a tensioner at it

or are my crank bearings goin just got the bike a month or so ago the previous owner bought it from a friend of mine and never rode it, my buddy re-did the whole motor soup-to-nuts not that long ago

anyways please help any input helps thanks guys
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Id put a new timing chain on it and see where your at with it. They get wasted and make noise just like what your describing. Im not saying thats definetly it, but its a great starting point if its never been replaced and its not improper valve clearance making the noise. Just hope its not crank'd have to take the top end off to inspect that deal...
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