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Does anyone use the 450 as a regular go-out-and-ride sport bike? Or a PURE racing bike? Im not planning on racing, but just using using it as a fun bike... Get what im saying?
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Sure, it would be a great for just having a good time, just be sure to watch out for the aftermarket parts bug!!!! When they bite, they bite hard!!!!
yeah i heard about that one!! :lol:
all the people i talk to here in Florida that work for the companies that sell 450s say they're a pure racing bike and they break down very very easily since they're not sport, they're racing..
i dunno w/e. i'd trust you people on the internet more than them!
thanks for your opinion!! ^_^

about aftermarket stuff...
not really planning on alot of mods, only nerfs :ph34r:

possibly exaust ... maybe some others <_<
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It is a great all around Quad for fun or racing. I use it for both and I am not a top notch racer. Just a weekend rider having fun racing once in a while.
yeah, i think ive seen your quads pic on atvflorida .. you go there?
the only thing holding me back from getting the 450r is the kick start. i havnt tryed it out yet, but next weekend or the weekend after that im going back to check it out at Palm Beach Cycles here in FL. Didnt you say you got yours there or something?

edit nvm...
i found this:
on Jan 31st, 2004, 8:33pm, TRX450R_Racer wrote:
I bought it at ARS Powersports in Okeechobee. I wouldn't buy anything at Palm Beach Cycles. They are a bunch of idiots with an attitude.

my reply: Palm beach cycles does suck... The building even looks like crap. I looked there for an atv, they had a horrible selection. Ended up going to some place in stuart, which was really nice.

Yeah, they're usually pretty pissy at me..
RL400, I mostly ride trails and sometimes play around with my buddies on the mx track. I love the power and the handling, its way better than my ole 400ex. Starts on the 1st kick about 90% of the time the other 10% the 2nd kick sometimes the 3rd. Good luck with you purchase!
::eek:ff topic::: but where are you in fl do you live? i live in jacksonville, and visit cape coral regulary.
RL400 I do go to all the time. Call Eric at ARS in Okechobee. It is worth the ride.

Schmitthead, I live in the Acreage which is west of Palm Beach Gardens, RL400 lives in Palm Beach Gardens I think.
Originally posted by TRX450R_Racer@May 9 2004, 09:12 PM
RL400 lives in Palm Beach Gardens I think.
damn right! B)

My father fishes in okeechobee every weekend, so a ride down there isnt much
. Are they open saturdays and sundays?
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TRX450R_Racer do you know if ARS in Okeechobee has any in stock now?
About the whole 450R being strictly a racer..I doubt mine will EVER see a race. This quad is great for anyone looking to get a sport quad in a totally different league than the 400's. By the way, I have not heard of anyone having major problems, so I think your dealer was wrong about that least I hope so!
mine will never see a race either, unless its a drag with my friends! :lol:
Mine has seen a race track of my buddies, but i mostly ride around, but with more practice i wanna join a few local races to see how i do, and if im pretty good i plan on going more, but i love the 450, i hope i do well.
Originally posted by desert_450r@May 13 2004, 06:44 AM
1st gear is a bit tall for slow tight trails ... But that's an easy fix ...

the 400's first gear is really short.. <_<

I rode a 450R today, and got a picture of me on it. A really nice guy let me ride his around the place today, he owned 2 i think, really nice guy. ill get the pics on here ASAP - i love it! and my mom really liked it too.. i kicked it the first time. the pictures are on my friend's digital camcorder, and we need to buy a Camera to PC cable before i can get the video and pictures on here. expect something with in a few days. :ph34r:
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well it was some other guy's bike, so i stayed in first gear, but i was still going fast in first without needing to shift... awesome bike! cant wait to get mine.
yeah but i didnt want to on the other guys bike! i didnt even know him before i talked to him that day. i did see him 2 weeks ago though, hes there every other weekend. when i came back hes like ... you could have gone alittle faster.. it was funny. ill get pics asap.
ok since i cant upload the still pictures from the camcorder ... i took my digital camera and took a picture of the screen of the camcorder ... ghetto, i know.. but it worked! ... sorta...
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Originally posted by desert_450r+May 16 2004, 02:12 AM-->
@May 15 2004, 08:48 PM
yeah but i didnt want to on the other guys bike! i didnt even know him before i talked to him that day.  i did see him 2 weeks ago though, hes there every other weekend.  when i came back hes like ... you could have gone alittle faster.. it was funny. ill get pics asap.
Better hammer on someone elses bike than your own ... LOL

Heck you were all geared up man ! --- At least when he said you could have went a "little" faster ... I would have had some fun haha ...

Nice pic --- the R looks good on you !

~ [/b]
haha! thanks man! i know, but i just went around alittle and came back, he didnt say personally to me that i could go faster, he said that to my friend. :lol: doesnt matter, fast or not, i had fun on that bike, it was nice!
At least you got the bug now for the 450R. You can't go wrong with that bike. I ride in the woods mostly and the only real thing I had to do to ride there was take the front sprocket down to a 13t. I think the 450R is the most comfortable quad I have ever ridden. You will get used to the kick, it's really not that big of a deal. Hell, the 250R has a kick and you never heard anyone complain about that. TRX450R best bang for the buck, hands down!!!!
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