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Port&Polish Worth it???

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I'm looking into getting a port & polish job done im getting a 12-1 piston and am not getting to aggresive with the port job sense i wanna still be able to run on pump gas. I got a price quote from rossier im lookin at $225 for the port job and $175 for a JE 12-1 piston. So my question is it worth the money or should i just do the piston? also anyone have a port job done by rossier and are you happy with the job they did?
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yes I think a port n polish is worth it, and that's a great price for porting too..
A good port and polish is well worth it. I paid 350 at MotoXperts and I would DEFINITELY do it again.
it is definately worth, make sure you pick someone reputable since the head is the heart of the build.
am not getting to aggresive with the port job sense i wanna still be able to run on pump gas.[/b]

Port jobs don't affect what type of fuel you run. I could be wrong though.

I see you have an 04. If your valves have never been done, I would recommend you replace them while the heads off for porting.
That's gonna be another $160 or so, that's if you go OEM, more if you go aftermarket.
don't waste your money on a mild port job. you'll kick youself in the ass later. do it right the first time and get a good port. i paid 500 for mine and i am very thankfull that i did.
its all what u want really, im sure for the 200 or so you'll see a nice gain..

and a good port job with valves springs etc, is gunna cost ya 700 to around 1000
The porting is definitely worth it. It is key to having a strong engine. Choose wisely! I'm sure Rossier does great work.I just haven't heard of many people that have a Rossier head so I can't tell you how theirs are.

I chose DASA to port my head and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was more expensive than the 200 but worth every penny for a CNC head.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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