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Places to ride

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Hey guys

I am looking for anyone that is located in southeast MO and can let me know of some places to ride. I am moving to Cape Girardeau in February and I need to know places I can ride in that area. I am looking for places near Benton, Scott City, Cape, Jackson, Sikeston, or anywhere else within an hour of there. Thanks in advance for the info.

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I know st joe state park is in that area and i also know sikeston has some indoor racing.....And if you ever feel like driving a couple hours you are more than welcome to hit me up and come ride with us we have 1000 acres to ride on plus there are 3 mx tracks and fingerlakes state park to go ride within 45 min of me.
I go to school in cape, here right now, and i dont know of much riding areas. Im from st. louis (where my bike is) and make the trip up there to get my bike then go to st. joe, so its kind of a hike but well worth it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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