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Pic of my 450R

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sweet bike! you race XC or just ride trails? Any other mods planned?

Where did you find the Woody stickers?

Oh and welcome to the site.

Thanks. I do both race hare scrambles and ride. I got the woody stickers and the number plates from I am eventually going to get a steering stem and ASV clutch perch with the hot start lever on it.
Looking good Racer!
Thanks for the site to the woody stickers.
nice bike. i like that bumper. :D
Thank you, thank you. The bumper is PRM desert bumper.
are the graghics made for the trx450r or did you just get the motocross graghics
The Woody decals are universal. I got them from
TRX450R_Racer, looks bad @ss. Why did you only put hipers in the back? Just wondering! :D
I got the rear rims as a present so the price was right. Also I saw a friend of mine hit a rock in a Hare Scramble and break a front hiper in 3 pieces. I not saying an aluminum rim would have taken the shot but it would bend not break.
Free! Now that's what I call a good deal. Maybe I'll ask for the Hipers from my girlfriend for Christmas. Ride hard, Ride fast, Ride a HONDA!!!!! B)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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