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2006 trx 450er. Stock motor, sparks full exhaust, elka legacy series shocks, and many more boltons!!
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Other than running good radiators, fans, and the best engine coolant in your quad. There’s other ways to add to cooling down these hot performing motors. One inexpensive way is to buy the carburetor exhaust heat shield. Motorworx makes one that hooks up to the right side upper motor mount between exhaust and carb. Which keeps the gas cooler. Another is an oil cooler, weather it’s the traditional oil condenser hooked up in front of your radiator with oil lines, or an oil cooler that bots directly to the oil filter cover. Hooking up your radiator fan to run all the time while motor is running too. These small modifications can extend the life of your motor, and help with performance. It’s the small things that make the difference.
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