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on the inside top of my cylinder theres a 1 inch black ring

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took the cylinder off cause gettin pc and checkin to make sure everythings a ok and on the top on the cylinder theres a black ring all the way around abought an inch wide? im talking the cylinder wall? is this usual or whats it from and should i replace it.
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thats probably where your piston stops from going up and down in the cylinder.
but 1" sounds like its alot.

u runnin rich?
hows the piston rings and cylinder walls lookin?

post some pictures.
maybe not an they are the walls look good i dont know about the piston?


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maybe not an they are the walls look good i dont know about the piston?[/b]

The black is normal. Looks ok from what I can tell.
hahahahaha 1 inch he says

EDIT: whoops forgot i was on my gf's cpu
Yeah I tell my wife that it's 12 inches all the time... it's ok to strech the truth.
normal. The black ring at the top of the cylinder is because the rings on the piston do not reach the top of the bore.
looks like someone was burning gasoline in there.
looks like someone was burning gasoline in there.[/b]

LOL..that was pretty funny!

"Oh no, not the 1" down black ring"!!

Looks like your going to have to replace the crank, flywheel, cylinder head, and rear fenders on the bike.... hehehehe

Just take a scotch brite pad or brillo pad with some water and soap and rub that carbon away.
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