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OMNICEF is bad news

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Well my wife and I both got strep a few weeks back. Her about a week before me. As normal we go to the Doc and they give us our meds. She has an alergic reaction to her first meds and the Doc said she needed to be taking this new crap omnicef....

Well to start it off, this stuff is bad news to say the least. My poor wife was feeling as she was having somewhat of an out of body experience, crying for no reason, thinking she was "going crazy" that she had cancer, she was going to die, and her heart was going to stop and she couldnt inhale to save her life. This was going on 8 days, last night I told her, hun you just need to lay off the meds and see if that makes you feel better. Sure enough about 24 hours later she's feeling almost 100% again. She feels normal, I mean it was bad. She was saying "I think I need to get a large life insurance policy in case I die in the next day or so" I was freaking out, cause what she was saying.

Today, I was farting around trying to read up on these symptoms and sure enough shes not the only one....

So if anyone get this perscribed to them by their doctor, ask for an alternative med.

Has anyone else had bad problems with this stuff?
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no but i just woke up with a soar throat this morning. it really sucks
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