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Old and New

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Pro-Tech Headache Rack
Gibson Cat back
True Flow intake
33" BFG MT KM-2
Torsion bars cranked to level.

Look better??

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looks good, what year is that?
03 w/ the 5.4 liter.

headache rack........... WHY???
how you like the new bfg's?
tested em out yet!?
Headache Rack- SO my quad does not smash my back window. Auto power windows are SPENDY!!!! Plus i think they look killer.

The BFGs are awesome. I have taken them off road a few times and they work GREAT. They are supposed to be a harder rubber for more miles. They are really quiet too. They do vibrate at low speeds but not past about 5MPH. Great so far!

looks good. you should throw a lift on it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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