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oil change

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When i was changing my oil today i noticed that one of the bolts on the oil filter is about 3 inches long. Just wanted to tell everyone not to over torque that bolt. It could end up being a really bad situation.
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My honda dealer told me to change the oil every two tanks of fuel. That seems really excessive to me. My other bikes I never changed that often.
I usually alway change the oil ofer a weekend or a vacation of rideing weather I run 5 tanks through it or 2. If I just go for a short day ride and only burn a tank or so I won't usually change it though.
This is not your ordinary 4stroke, maintenance is a must, if you want to keep it running good. I've heard from many that the CRF is known to eat up oil, which would lead to piston and valve failure. Its better to do regular oil changes than to eat up a piston.
My old warrior, I would change the oil, once every 6 months, then i got into my 2 strokes, i changed the tranny fluid after every 2 rides (about 12hours) This is the way I'm going to treat this bike.
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i heard the same thing about it eating oil. the dealer told me to check the oil everytime i sit on it.
I went through half a tank of fuel and my oil level was at the low mark.
was that with the motor running?
No. Engine was turned off and cooled down. Weird huh?
was it the first tank of fuel?
I think its because on a new motor the rings need to be seated.
i just ran about three tanks of fuel through mine and diddnt see any evidence of it eating oil. iam changing the liquids before i ride again.
I chang my oil every other time I ride.
I chang my oil every other time I ride.[/b]
This is a must for any high performance quad! :D
When i change my oil i add a thing called "power up" to greatly extends the length of life the oil dads a heavy duty mechanic and no's alot of poop about that stuff n he said it helps the oil keep its posture alot
Mitco39, That may be true, but the bottom line is. The better you treat your bike the better it will run for you and the less you will have problems. Remember, oil will always stay oil. But, the harder the oil is run through your engine the faster it breaks down and the more deposite it leaves behind. So, wether I go to the woods or the track, I always change my oil every two rides. You can't hurt your engine by changing the oil allot. But, you can hurt your engine by not changing it enough!! B)
Ya i agree with you totaly...I still change my oil about every weeken(depends on how much i ride it) and i add that additive to it to help slow the break down of the oil between that time i changed it and the next weeken...i didnt mean to imply that it makes it soo u can go alot longer the oil.
Mitco39, what's the name of the additive you put in your bike?
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Power Up..i dont know if you can get it or not i just no my dad has a lot of it lying around because he used to work for the company to sell it. He swears by it to lenghten the engine life.
i just dont like hondas oil filter location. I wish it was like a raptor with the filter on the outdide of the engine. I worry about the threads in the aluminum motor case wearing out from taking the bolts in and out so often. That is the only design flaw that i can see in the design of the engine. I dont mind the labor or cost of oil, but worry how long parts will last taking them apart soo often.
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