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ok guys i just finished a race in July (sorry for the late writeup) the Coahuila 1000 (2nd largest navigational rally in Mexico). it was my first time using and trying the OBOR Advent tires. Let me tell you i was impressed. They handle super well, the sliding is controllable, meaning you know how and when they will slide and you can control it. I was the only atv racer without flats, so that says a lot. it was a little over 525 miles without counting the lost miles. i have runed GBC, Maxxis, ITP, Sun F, GSP(GPS) Gravity 8ply and in complete honesty these are the best tires i have runed. I have attached some pictures so you guys can see the tall and wide comparison with the Gravity 8ply ones (they don't make them 8ply, went to 6p). Both sets are 23 front and 22 rear, pretty much desert sizes.
If you want to see the type of abuse i put them trough go check the video out, I'm sure you guys will love the video.

if you guys are interested you can use my discount code 10ZORROSRACE for a good price
here is the link to the store:



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