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noob question

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hey guys. i am planning of buyin a 450r within a month. i have driven all sorts of quads n noe the the honda is the way to go. ive been reading a lot of reviews and keep hearing of peple saying that first gear is "technical" and that it sucks. can some1 explain to me wut they mean by that? sry if this isnt in the right forum. thanks
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I have never heard that term being used regarding the TRX450R...

there is nothing wrong with the 1st gear in these machines....

now 3rd/4th in the 06/newer machines is a different story.... if you plan on making a lot of HP/TQ...plan on performing some type of tranny mods to keep these gears together.......

I just lost 4th gear AGAIN last weekend.......

aint NOS just
The only thing that comes to mind about the 1st gear of the 450R is it being very high geared. Which if that makes it anything it sure wouldn't be "technical" or at least for "technical" riding.

Most people solved the problem (if you can call it that) by installing a taller front sprocket. That was actually my very first modification to my R.

But there is certainly nothing wrong with first gear in the R. The point I brought up above is purely about preference and nothing else.

Just go buy it already!
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