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Here is the YFZ i picked up a couple days ago. its a little rough for an 06. its gonna be my next project with an orange frame, black arms, plastic and swingarm. will be adding +2 arms andsome shock revalves. If anyone knows of a used set of +2 arms let me know cause you know i was once told everytime someone flips front wheels god kills a kitten, please think about the kittens hahah

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wrong bike wrong section...

just kidding man. make it a hill shooter.
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why does the back end look so low? is there a different linkage?

that is a custom exhaust for sure. good luck with the build
im not gonna lie this thing has some power, im sure it wouldnt take much to get it to eat some hills up lol. the exhaust came off my best friends quad, he is doing a full build right now and going with a Dasa so i snatched it, it had a stock one on it. Yes it has a GT thunder rear link. I like the way it sets but it would just look alot better setting with that with a different front end set-up.
looks like a great project bike... who ever picked that color must have been drunk... I fell you on the orange thing... :rock:
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