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New toy for me today

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09 crf450 Fuel injected! ya cant wait to ride it this week


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09 crf450 Fuel injected! ya cant wait to ride it this week[/b]

man you already have so many toys hook me up! lol well tell us how the fuel injection is and some vids!
i cant believe you have that already!!! RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT!!!!!! have you even sat on it, hows it feel?
Good choice! Not that you would buy anything but a Honda....They are suppose to be the cats a$$!!
alright, your OFFICIALLY banned from the site, for having to many "toys" its just not fair, you could atleast hook everyone up with a stabilizer!!!!!

haha j/k with ya man, that thing looks sick, i bet its nice
how many more toys do you need?
a man can never have to many toys lol, i have sat on it and rode it around today it feels great feels like my 250f but with more power and wow can i say smooth power it feels electric power compared to my 07 crf and this thing handles like no other bike i have ever ridden and the stabilzer on it works great and the kyb stuff works good better than i thought, i never have liked kyb stuff i have always been a showa guy but the kyb stuff on this bike is good, i'll be hittin up the track either wenesday or thursday so i'll try for some pics, for now it's off to rmatv for some back grounds tomorrow
damn Skyler, you are a lucky guy for sure! i wish i could be you for a day. lol
Rode this thing today and wow what a sweet bike. Was hitting this 85' step up 3rd pinned and she lands like a caddy , only thing i have to say is that it is hard to start after you ride it and let it sit for a min or two to take a break and the clutch likes to be fully pulled in to diainage the clutch, the bike has realy realy smooth power, i can't wait for fi on a trx !!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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